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job analysis methods advantages and disadvantages

job analysis methods advantages and disadvantages A job is a collection of aggregation of task, duties, and responsibilities which as a whole are regarded as a regular assignment to individual employment it means an individual employee is given a regular assignment of duties and responsibilities. We can explain the job …

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Factors related to Job Satisfaction

Factors related to Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction can be described as a positive feeling or positive attitude and individual has towards his job. Job satisfaction includes the three dimensions of first job satisfaction refers to “one’s positive feeling towards the job”. Therefore it can only be felt but not seen. As …

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Be Confident at your work

Be Confident at your work Confidence in yourself is the biggest determining factor of your success in terms of level you achieve in your career. What pay grades you receive how you can create your own business to build confidence at work. The first thing you have to do is you …

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Common Job Interview Questions

Common Job Interview Questions When applying for a job and called for an interview there are various questions that are asked. The better prepared you are the more successful your interview would be. what exactly the interviewer think when he is asking a question or what exactly answer he is looking …

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