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Factors related to Job Satisfaction

Factors related to Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction can be described as a positive feeling or positive attitude and individual has towards his job. Job satisfaction includes the three dimensions of first job satisfaction refers to “one’s positive feeling towards the job”. Therefore it can only be felt but not seen. As job satisfaction leads to an increase in the willingness to invest time and energy in the job. It is usually determined by how well and employees meet its goals and put efforts to achieve his outcome. The term job satisfaction refers to was an attitude towards the job. It directs an individual’s orientation towards work and roll profile. Positive attitude results in job satisfaction and negative attitude result in job dissatisfaction. We can find job satisfaction as it is a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experience. Job satisfaction is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with the job. If you like your job intensely you will experience job satisfaction. If you describe your job industry you experience job dissatisfaction and the definition of job satisfaction is that it assists favorable or unfavorable filling with which employees viewable.

Factors related to Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is the overall positive feeling that an employee has towards his job. It is the pleasurable or the positive emotional state which a person drives from the positive experience in the job. Job satisfaction has several implications for individual behavior particularly aspects related to once performance and understanding of the factors influencing job satisfaction and consequences of job satisfaction help the manager in better evaluating the problems faced by the employees. The study of job satisfaction of employees for the management is very important for the management to understand how employee feel about their job on which aspect of the job this feelings are focused on which departments are affected particularly and whose feeling is affected or going to be effective .such an understanding can help the management to better design which leads to job satisfaction.

Factors which are influencing job satisfaction

01 organizational factors

Organizational factors are those factors which directly relates to the organization where the individual is working. Organizational factors include the following

Salary of an employee

If one person is receiving higher pay and should be considered as contributing more to achieving the organizational goal. Employees also demand to pay structure that alliance with their skills and job requirements. It should also be equal to the salary packages given by the other employees in similar organizations. Salary of an employee is important for three main reasons. First money is an important source for a person to fulfill his needs and desire secondly pay structure of the company should reflect management concern. Thirdly salary should be considered as a symbol of achievement.

“it can be said that it is not the salary that employees receive but employees perception about the fairness of the pay structure also leads to job satisfaction”.

Other organizational factors which are related to job satisfaction are promotional chances. Employees always seek opportunities. A promotion at work which also influence their feelings of job satisfaction. As every employee has a strong desire to receive a promotion. Employees always feel highly excited about the promotion. He takes a promotion as his final achievement.  If he attains he feels highly satisfied. Promotion directly related job satisfaction because a person feels his worth in the organization. If an employee gets promoted he also feels his achievement in his career. Promotion should bring positive changes in job profile job, description, responsibilities, and status in the organization.

Company policy

Another important factor influencing the employees’ job satisfaction with reference to organizational factor is company policy. The employee feels good in an open and democratic structure as compared to an authoritative environment that creates frustration. An employee will be highly satisfied if the policies of the company are favorable for the growth and development of employees and they are liberal. In the organization similarly, if the policies are unfair and unfavorable they will lead to dissatisfaction and frustration among the employees.

02 work environmental factors

The second important factor is the work environment of the organization. Factors related to this category are

Supervision leads to the style of leadership which is being practiced in the organization. A leader will be employee oriented if it reflects its orientation towards its employees. Secondly, a leader should welcome the participation of his subordinates to participate in the process of decision making. Particularly those decisions which are related to their phone jobs. Such type of leadership will lead to highly conclusive and is satisfied job environment.

03 work itself

Job scope includes the responsibility, pace of work and feedback required for the job, higher the degree of these variables present in the job where will be the job satisfaction. The second work-related factor is a variety of tasks. If the job requires a variety of task to perform involving a variety of skills this will also result in job satisfaction. Another important factor related to work is the degree of autonomy or freedom of in job. Greater is the autonomy in the job to take his own decision more will be job satisfaction. Nature of the work is also very important. If the work is interesting challenging and provides status it will satisfy to the employees.

04 Personal factor

Personal factors include age or seniority of the employees. As with the growing age, people tend to become more mature and therefore they will accept resources and rewards with their own willingness. With the growing age people usually want to move up in the ladder of their career and ready to receive a more challenging position. Tenure is also an important personal factor in the organization. Employees are more satisfied with longer tenure as compared with short tenure. Older employees are aware of company’s policies and procedures. They are more familiar with the customs, cultures, and nouns of the organization. Some personality traits directly related to job satisfaction. These include self-esteem, self-assurance, maturity, self-efficacy. Openness etc.

Factors related to Job Satisfaction

05 Supervisory Factors

There are a few supervisory factors involved in maintaining job satisfaction. These are:

Maintaining an open line of communication,

Create a good physical environment,

The remedy for substandard conditions,

Transfer discontented order satisfied employees,

Change the perception of dissatisfied employees,

Express concern for the employees,

Give ample recognition to the employees,

Give ample of the opportunity to participate,

Practice good management practices,

Conduct moral building programs.

06 Workgroup

Workgroup to which an employee belongs serves as a source of satisfaction due to the following reason,

Provides an opportunity and platform for group members to interact and share with each other. The group head is a source of comfort and assistance. Workgroup includes the member of similar attitudes and working along colleagues cause more satisfaction and comfort. The similar group will provide more chances to build mutual trust and understanding among each other. Working condition that is provided for comfort and facilities the increased performance of the employees leads to job satisfaction temperature, humidity, ventilation, light, noise, cleanliness, hours of work and equipment are the few variables affecting job satisfaction. Working condition that may influence job satisfaction relationship between working condition and satisfaction was very nicely explained by Herzberg’s two-factor theory, according to the theory,

“Good or desirable working factors do not cause satisfaction among employees but poor working condition definitely leads to job dissatisfaction”.


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